Body of Work

Joseph Patrick II

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Sept 1 - 29, 2022

Body of Work is the second set of images that explore the idea of liberation. The Socialized Experiment (2018) looked at freedom of mind, tacking themes of community mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. BODY Of WORK looks to “freedom of the body,” seeing the ways that Black people are consumed and policed in digital spaces.

In this set of images, I wanted to highlight my skills in technical image-making and storytelling. I aimed to create a set that could celebrate Black naked bodies in a way that wasn’t to be hypersexualized. 

In working on and sharing this project, I found Black source material is extremely scare. I would also often have work pulled from social media sites citing community guideline strikes, while other “artistic nude” pages were allowed to thrive.

While we may never change that, let’s take a moment to admire ourselves in the mirror.