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NKA Gallery is a multifaceted gallery designed to curate the best creativity within art, music, fashion, culinary, and community events.

Art at The NKA highlights the talented expression of artists worldwide in order to create a bridge between underserved inner cities and creative forms of art.

Check out some of The NKA’s featured art as we strive to expose our communities to the powers of creative expression.



It’s no secret that the guys who run Slim & Husky’s have great taste. Since the beginning, they’ve commissioned local artists to create the unique visual aesthetic of the brand — and now they’ve opened a gallery. Nka (pronounced “inka”) adjoins the company’s flagship location on Buchanan Street, and they’ve exhibited Omari Booker, Sam Dunson, Donna Woodley and other artists who have a connection to North Nashville. There’s a bar stocked with drinks, and the gallery often features live music too. With a small courtyard and a couple of cornhole boards, it’s an opportunity to slip kids into an art gallery. Slim & Husky’s has become more than a dope pizza joint. It’s a culture. 


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